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Heat your home the Smart way

VCharge Heat SmartBricks and SmartHydro controls turn your new or existing Electric Thermal Storage [ETS] heating system into an online genius that lowers your monthly heating costs. How? By using your existing Internet connection, VCharge systems buy electricity at its cheapest, "charging up" your heater during those times, while maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature in your home. VCharge controls typically lower heating costs by at least 20% - without any change in your daily routine.

The right choice for new heating systems

VCharge works with several partners to bring you new ETS choices. A clean, economical alternative used in tens of millions of homes in Europe and Asia, we’re revitalizing ceramic and hydronic ETS systems in the US. We work with Dimplex, the largest manufacturer of ceramic ETS heaters in the world, to factory-install our controls in economical new room-unit solutions. For whole-house circulating water or forced hot-air systems, we’ve joined forces with Axeman-Anderson to offer their innovative pressurized boiler system as either a stand-alone heating solution or as supplemental heat for a heat pump.

The right choice for heating upgrades

A SmartBricks or SmartHydro upgrade requires only a simple, half-day installation by an approved installer to completely revitalize your current system, and adds years of efficient life to your system. Many ceramic or hydro ETS heaters installed decades ago no longer work as well or as maintenance-free as they once did. Updating your system with Smart controls is a quick and inexpensive alternative to a heating system replacement, and improves system efficiency by 5% to 15%--saving you even more money. Whether you have old or new ETS models, reduce the wear and tear on your heating system and give it a new lease on life by installing SmartBricks controls

The easiest way to cut your energy bills

SmartBricks and SmartHydro controls use VCharge’s patented ETS energy management system to estimate the amount of energy that will be needed by your home each day, and buy electricity accordingly. By replacing the current off-peak charging system with a sophisticated algorithm that uses weather forecasts and specific information about your individual heat use, Smart controls buy electricity only during the cheapest hours, storing the energy in the bricks or water, and using your heaters to their full capability to save hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars on your heating bills each year.

The green alternative

The future of renewable energy demands a new approach to the electric grid. Because your existing ETS heating system can store energy, you can be part of this new approach. SmartBricks/SmartHydro technology creates the possibility of storing energy when it is available for use when it is needed, helping solve the problem of intermittent supply that plagues wind and solar power generation. VCharge, the company that developed SmartBricks, is committed to solving the problems posed by large amounts of renewable energy generation on the electric grid. Smart controls makes the path to mainstream renewable energy plausible.

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